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Organic Pasture-Raised Pork

September Sale on Pork

10% Off Prices Listed Below

Our heritage breeds (Large Black & Tamworths) are well worth it.  We love the flavour and all around they are better meant for “pasture-raised”.  Don’t be afraid to feed your body good quality pork.   They say that pasture-raised pork lard is very good for you, better than butter derived from grain-fed cows (even if it’s organic butter).  Use it for frying your eggs and for baking, etc.  It is very important to have “good fats” in your diet.

Ground Pork $7 $15.44
*Sausages (breakfast or dinner) $9.50 $20.95
*Bacon (cured) $10.50 23.15
Pork Chops $13.50 $29.77
Pork Leg Roast $10 $22.05
Pork Steak $9.50 $20.95
*Ham bone-in (cured, absolutely delicious!) $11.50 $25.36
Pork Shoulder Roast $10 $22.05
Pork (butt) steaks (well-marbled, good for BBQ) $9.50 $20.95
Spareribs (2 to 3 inch strips, 2 strips per pack, from the belly) $7.50 $16.54
Leaf Fat (often used for shortening, unrendered lard) $7 $15.44
Back Fat (sorry, no back-fat available because our pigs were not fatty enough) $2 $4.41
Soup Bones $1 $2.21
*Note: All “cured” meat products and sausages contain 100% certified organic meat, and contain natural herbs, spices, and salt.  Do not contain any MSG, chemicals, or fillers.  The breakfast sausages may contain some breadcrumb.

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